Friday, May 21, 2010

COMEBACK PREORDER #1 - do support!

REFER TO for the newest comeback preorder!

As it's the first comeback preorder, prices are set as low as we can. Suppliers are from HK.

For a more organized way of viewing the preorder, click on the links below to go to the specific category.

This preorder consists of 3 categories:
1. Casual & Office look
2. Sweetiepie/Cutiepie/Decent Look
3. Clubbing wear

Please note that the categories are actually very subjective and they may overlap.
Items may take 2-3 weeks to reach. This preorder will end on 26 May 10.

Since it's our first comeback preorder, of course we will try to give some incentives to attract you all! This will only be available for the first 20 customers.

* Purchase >$20, and you will have a $2 off for the next purchase in the next preorder, which you can use it for the next purchase in the next preorder (which will come v soon).
* Purchase >$50, and you will have a $4 off for the next purchase in the next preorder, which you can use it for the next purchase in the next preorder (which will come v soon).
* Lucky & nice customers will get a chance to be part of our lifetime silver VIP list (which will be indicated at the right sidebar). This will entitle you to a 5% discount in any items you buy in our blogshop.
* Customers who continuously support our blogshop may get a chance to be part of our lifetime gold VIP list. This will entitle you to a 10% discount in any items you buy in our blogshop.

All pricings are inclusive of shipping fees & normal postage fees. No additional charges needed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


HELLO! All the below items are INSTOCKS. meaning that i have the stocks RIGHT NOW and you need not wait for the items to be shipped to Singapore to get the items :D I've checked the quality and it's GOOD! and NEW! So dont worry about it. I've bought some of the below for myself too ((: HAVE FUN!
for registered postage, additional $3 :D

Item given to the one that can make the earliest payment :) no reservations! All items are brand new unless stated otherwise.

SPECIAL CLEARANCE PROMOTION: Buy 3 (worth at least $15 each) and get a free gift worth at least $7-$13! (based on randomization to see which gift you get! :D)

Item T38 (hot shorts)
Colour: Dark-blue x2
Size: M - 30 inches
length - 26cm
Price: $22.50


Item T36 (from JJS)
Status: worn ~ 2 times! in good condition :D
Price: $15


Item T35
Status: worn twice! in good condition :D
Price: $13

Item T34
Material: Cotton
Colour: White, BLUE (used)
shoulder width - 38 cm
bust width - 44-52 cm
length - 67 cm
Price: $23 $18 (for the blue one which is worn before a few times, it's sold at $12)
*very popular!

Item T33
Material: Cotton
Colours: cherryred
shoulder width - 32 cm
bust width - 35-48 cm
length - 66 cm (collar 7 cm)
Price: $24 $18

Item T31
Material: Cotton
Colours: white; black; pink
bust width - 31-43 cm
length - 30 cm, straps is 10 cm
Price: $16 $10
DISCOUNT: buy 1 for $10, buy 2 for $8 EACH!

Item T30
Colour: black
shoulder width - 38 cm
bust width - 42-53 cm
length - 67 cm
Price: $26 $20

Item T24
Material: Cotton
Colour: Black
shoulder width - 39 cm
bust width - 41-48 cm
length - 60 cm
Price: $22 $18

Item T21
Colour: Blue; Red
bust width - 35-46 cm
length - 76 cm
*popular item!
Price: $26 $20
*protection layer inside so you need not worry about being exposed :D

Item T20
Material: Cotton
Colours: grey
shoulder width - 36 cm
bust width - 36-46 cm
length - 58 cm
Price: $22 $18

Item T18
Material: Cotton + Lace
Colours: black; pink
inner piece - bust width is 37-43 cm
outer piece - shoulder width is 38 cm, bust width is 44 cm
Price: $26 $20

Item T17
Colour: purple
bust width - 34-40 cm
length - 66 cm
*very popular! padding is included :)
Price: $26 $20

Item T16
Material: Cotton
Colours: pink
bust width - 40-48 cm
length - 76 cm
(lace for layering is included! as seen in pic :D)
Price: $22 $18

Item T15
Material: Cotton
Colours: Pink; Black
bust width - 36-48 cm
length - 74 cm (straps 7 cm)
*very good elasticity!
Price: $22 $18

Item T14
Material: Cotton
Colours: Pink
shoulder width - 37 cm
bust width - 38-50 cm
length - 85 cm
Price: $29 $20

Item T10 (selling the top!)
Material: Cotton
Colour: black
bust width - 35-46cm
length - 75cm
Price: $25 $18

Item T09 (slanted cool top)
no shoulder line
bust width - 53-63 cm
length - 67 cm
Colour: white
Price: $24 $18

Item T08 (selling inner top)
Material: Cotton
Colour: OR white, tube. OR blue, tied (dun worry, elastic bands are secure so it WONT drop off. i bought 5 for myself :D quite a popular item!)
bust width - 35cm
length - 18cm
Price: $17 $12

Item T06 (white off-shoulder top)
Material: Cotton
Length 57cm
Bust 96cm
Shoulder 42cm
Colour: white
Price: $21 $15

Item T05 (rather sexy. looks great on people w good figure :D)
Material: Shiny Cotton
Colours: almond, black
bust width - 39cm
length - 87cm
Price: $27 $20

Item T04

Material: Cotton
Colour: Cherry-red (pretty!)
bust width - 29cm
length - 70cm
Price: $25 $18

please transfer to posb savings acc 199-08759-2! first pay first serve :D

Monday, May 5, 2008



TO ORDER INSTOCKS, CLICK HERE FOR THE ORDER FORM! *please scroll down after clicking-

Item I06
Material: Cotton
Colour: white
Size: M
Price: $22 $16

Item I05 (without lace! and pockets present!)
Material: Cotton
Size: Free size
Colours: White
Bust: 86cm, length: 72cm
Price: $13 $10

Item I02 (selling the blue leggings)
Material: Cotton
Colour: 1 blue
Size: Free size
Long 75cm Waist 66-71cm Hips 83-88cm
Price: $12 $8

Item I01. BRAND NEW!
Elaboration: Ayaya brand. On tag - Always at the front of world fashion. It continually promotes the girls' personal products that leads fashion trend. It is also becoming the global fashion girls' special brand. 1 stock available only!
Price: $20 $16 (only for meetups!)


*CREDIT ME if u wanna use my pictures.

While stocks last! Do make your order ASAP :D

Thanks for shopping here! :D

[last updated on 13 May 09]

*all sold items will be removed once in a while to prevent laginess of the website :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

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